Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blockbuster has no more late fees... yeah right.

Blockbuster suckered me into renting another over-priced rental from them for only 2 days. I spent $4.32 and only get it for 2 days, and it's due by 6 PM (which happens to be in 26 minutes). Anyway after I paid for it I read the notice on the counter saying "this location chooses not to participate in the "no late fee's program". Well why not put that in big letter on the front door so I can bring my buisness to Hasting, where for $.50 cheaper I can keep the movie for 3 extra days. And, if I chose to keep it one night, I get $1 back. AND, it's due at midnight, not no 6PM bull crap. I HATE YOU BLOCKBUSTER - GOOD RIDDANCE!


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