Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dear City Council...

I did some community service today at the Animal Control shelter for my Abell Hangar hours. I noticed a few violations and bad things going on around there that I would like to eventually bring to City Council's attention:
1) Cheap rubber hoses used to hose down dog kennels: Today was the second time that the water pressure in the hose caused the water hose to explode and shower me with hot water. Luckily I was not burned but those cheap hoses are a lawsuit waiting to happen.
2) The use of NABC (a toilet sanitizer) to clean dog bowls: The chemical I was given to wash the dog bowls was NABC, which is a bathroom sanitizer that specifically states on the back (in my own words) "DO NOT USE product to sanitize any utensil or dish that contains anything to be consumed by humans"
3) The burning of plastic bags in the incinerator: Isn't it bad and harmful to our air to burn plastic? They have several dead dogs tied up in garbage bags and they throw the whole thing in the incinerator. I feel sorry for the people who live downwind.

I'm gonna get PETA involved! They need to get involved with something serious instead of protesting the A&M Elephant Walk that doesn't even involve real elephants!


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