Thursday, February 03, 2005

Drug Bust on I-20

There was a large drug bust on Wednesday on I-20 between Midland and Odessa where 100 pounds of the green stuff and 1 kilo of the white stuff was confiscated in a gas tank. MyWestTexas has an article about it, but it seems like the whole story is not being told. First off, it says that the officer asked for permission to search the car. But it does not say the driver said yes. He may have said no. This is between him and the cop and if there was any case of wrong doing he better have a good lawyer. Also, Papa Ray believe that the cops were tipped off to this car by a disgruntled acquaintance or someone of the like. At first I argued this point and posted a reply at the Open Forum, but upon reading it for the second time, it may be what happened. The Drug Task Force does not pull people over for following to closely. In fact, are they even allowed to pull over someone for traffic violations anyway? Do they have any jurisdiction? Anyway I'm hoping someone with a little more information on this story or a little more knowledge of what the drug task force can and can't do can give me some information.

I am glad these drugs are off the streets but I do think that we need to revisit our drug laws. If marijuana was legalized FOR ADULTS there would be nothing but benefits. Crime would drop as the black market aspect would be erradicated. We would save BILLIONS of dollars. Enforcing marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually and results in the arrest of more than 734,000 individuals per year. Not only is that extra money to spend for, oh, say SCHOOLS, but those 734,000 people are protected from losing their jobs. "But Bert, people who smoke marijuana are lazy and do horrible at their jobs." Well, let that be up the the boss to decide, because there are actually hard workers who smoke marijuana. If they get lazy, then fire them. We could also put thousands of farmers back to work. We could also tax the live crap out of it and make so much money for our government to *waste*. There is no reason not to legalize a plant that is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. It is a God given plant that grows from a seed like every other plants. It's not manufactured by mixing 30 toxic chemicals together. It has no man-made processes to go through. A seed is planted and through God's cycle of plant growth it grows. We need to change our views of marijuana. Our government and police officials brainwash us by saying that it's harmful and causes crime. The only crime is through the black-market aspect of it (eliminated if legalized). The actual intake of the plant causes people to be relaxed and lazy, not wanting to go out and cause crime.

This is getting longer than I wanted it to be. But my message is this: It's time to respect people's freedom's more. By responsibly smoking marijuana one is not doing any harm to anyone or anything but his body, similar to cigerettes. Why is alcohol legal when so much crime arises from it, and most people who get high "chill" in one place. People who drink go out from place to place and put innocent people at risk.

Support HB 658, legalizing medical marijuana in Texas. Or click here for a non-Adobe Acrobat version


Blogger Buck-Fush said...

Hey Bert, Kwel blog!
At one time ALL drugs were legal in the US, it's all a matter of control......

2:35 PM  
Blogger Bert said...

Thank you Buck-Fush. I got this blog after viewing you're blog. I guess I can consider you my inspiration!! haha. But about the drug matter. It seems like by making it illegal we are increasing the crime (black market aspect) and missing a golden opportunity to make billions of dollars in taxes. And, we are paying to house people in jail WHO DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG! If we legalize it, we can better keep it out of the hands of children. If we have store workers who will check ID's (like cigs and alcohol), it would work better than the guy at the end of the block who sells to anyone for an extra $20. Drug law reform is desperatly needed. Our nation should be more focused on keeping people off of the dangerous drugs (X, ice, shrooms, coke) rather than a simple, harmless plant.

8:04 AM  

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