Friday, February 04, 2005

A good free hit-o-meter

I finally found a good hit-o-meter to use. They first one I used flat out sucked, all it told me was total hits. Nothing about unique visitors, nothing about search engine keywords, nothing. The second one I used told me only unique visits, nothing about repeat visitors, nothing about referal sites, nothing. But gives me everything. It gives me search engine data, with keywords, it gives me ISP numbers and browser data and in depth visitor data. Heck, it even gives me you're social security number - haha, J/K. It give's you a chance to upgrade for $3.50 a month, but it doesn't offer anything worth paying for. All you get is
? INVISIBLE Counter - remove Hit-O-Meter graphics from your website
? SECURE statistics - protect your statistics from being viewed by unauthorized users.
? PRIORITY support - get answers to your questions faster than other users (usually in 24 hours or less).

I don't need an invisible counter, I don't care if anyone else sees my statistics, and I don't have any questions. So I'll save my money for an extra pack of cigerettes every month. Then I'll go smoke them in Midland restaurants, while I can.

To see a live demo, click here.


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