Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Midland in 2025

Ever wonder what Midland would be like in 2025? It would have an estimated population of 115,000. It would have an entertainment district downtown, a "town center" (another entertainment district) west of the Sport's complex, a Presidential district, a heritage district, and many, many more roads with more land in the city limits. The loop would be a complete circle and there will be another road you could take to get to Odessa. All this is if the Midland Master Plan 2025 comes true. Caution: BIG BIG BIG PDF file. The report is 321 pages long. For a summary of the thing, for those of us who have a life, read pages 308-321.

I had taken a look at the 1987 plan on file at the library, and many of the goals are still the same. The town center was mentioned in 1987 (still hasn't happened yet, probably not for a long time), the entertainment district was mentioned, and the "future map" of Midland looks almost the same as predicted in 1987, except for the recent edition of La Entrada Al Pacifico. Over the next 5-10 years, expect great things for Midland. And then when the oil runs out, expect the biggest ghost town in the world (with a skyline and and airport and highways).

A forum at MyWestTexas is discussing the plan. Feel free to throw in you're two cents.


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