Monday, February 14, 2005

Presidential Library in Midland

John Boswell is a fellow blogger here at blogspot with a vision. Through his blog (Blogging for Midland) and many posts at MyWestTexas' forum, he is trying to inspire Midlanders to push to get the presidential library here in Midland. I replied to a post on his website and he sent me an e-mail back today:

Hiya Bert!

Yes, the President will get to pick the location... as I understand it. I'm not sure what would be most effective: a letter with tons of signatures or tons of letters from individuals.
One suggestion I plan to make, both on the forum and on my blog (you were my inspiration for the blog by the way... liked yours!) is to push for Presidential Library / Museum with a Convention/Symphony Hall dedicated to the First Lady! huh? huh? Good idea?

So many people in Midland have been wanting a big, huge convention hall downtown, right? Something where the symphony could play, but also have room for bigger conventions an artsy presentations... well, I think this could be the answer! We can make it HUGE! Take over some delapidate buildings and really put something down there that would attract attention. Something that businesses would want to have an office nearby, resturants, gallerys, shops, vendors, trees, fountains.. the works!

I'm going to draw up a letter of my own with more details and ideas and send it each: the Pres. and First Lady. Copies of the letter will also be sent to each member of the city council, the Mayor, Downtown Midland Inc.& Chamber of Commerce. Maybe the editor of the paper too?

Let me know what you think of the idea, and of ideas on promoting it. Let's get a "Grassroots" Buzz going on this. I think it could be huge!

Thanks for the support!
John B.

First off, I feel honored that I helped inspire his blog. I've been regularly blogging for less than two weeks now and I'm already inspiring better bloggers (I say better because his blog actually has a reason and can help pull something big off). Secondly, his ideas may be just what it takes to win "housing rights." He is sure to post more on this later to keep us up to date, including what we can do to help. Maybe a petition (one letter with many signatures) is needed, or maybe many many letters all conveying the same message. Either way, we need to try our hardest. This one single thing WILL BE the one thing that puts Midland on the map, brings more visitors here, and preserves the Bush legacy in Midland.

Keep us up-to-date John, and keep on bloggin'!


Blogger John A.E. Boswell said...

AH HA! I'm getting famous! My plan for world domination is well in hand and soon... Victory will be mine! :)

Just kidding, that was what Stewie from Family Guy would say. ;) Anyhow, thanks for the plug, Bert! I have indeed written more on the forums, but I'm still working on the "Letter" to the President & First Lady. I'll probably post it openly on the Forum right after I send it off.

Not exactlly sure where Blogging is going to take me, but I'm enjoying it! Hope you are as well. Keep on bloggin'!
John B.

3:05 PM  

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