Saturday, February 12, 2005


I just made quite possibly the smartest or stupidest move ever. I signed up for 3 internet survey websites that promise to pay you to take their surveys. However, out of skepticism, I gave them a newly created e-mail account, and I gave them my P.O. Box address (no junk mail at the home). No loss if I don't make money, only time lost (I've got plenty anyways). And if I do make money which they promise, then BRING IT ON!

These are the sites I joined. I will bring updates in the future as to successes or dissapointments, but feel free to try them out if you want to!

NPD Online Research Team
Survey Club
My Survey

If I ever have a problem with anyone of these, I'll just forget about my newly registered e-mail address and simply move on with life. I didn't have to give out any credit card numbers or anything, so I feel pretty safe testing out these sites.


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