Wednesday, February 16, 2005

World's Dumbest Victim

This article is from the MRT today. I guess Midland is home to the world's dumbest victim.

The man in the cap then asked to be taken to the McDonald's on Andrews Highway where he claimed to work. Police say he was not employed there. Once at the McDonald's, the man with the accent gave the victim $50,000 and asked the victim to drive around the parking lot to show the victim he trusted him with his money. The victim complied.

So the criminal gives the victim $50,000 and tells him to drive around the parking lot to see if the criminal can trust the victim. If this happened to me, this is where I would leave and purchase a new vehicle, so the criminal would not be able to find me!

The man with the accent then took back his $50,000 dollars from the victim and asked the victim to give him the victim's withdrawn $10,000 to prove his trust.
The victim complied.
Both males then exited the victim's truck with the victim's $10,000 and walked around the opposite side of the parking lot where the two allegedly entered a second vehicle, believed by police to be a silver truck, and drove away with the victim's cash.

Then the criminal asks for the victims $10,000 to prove his trust. The victim hands the criminal $10,000. He runs with the money.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you give a stranger money, you sholdn't even expect it back. It shouldn't even be considered stealing. I bet the police investigating this were laughing on the inside.

I wonder how many people he had to try this one before he found the right victim. I know the first person I picked out wouldn't trust me with their $10,000. I mean come on, would you??


Blogger Buck-Fush said...

Anyone handing over 10 thousand dollars to a complete stranger off the streets deserves to be taken...
In confidence circles it's known as the "pidgeon drop" con. A cliche but it's true: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.....Then again money to me, is just something nice to have if your alive the next day...lplmm,'

5:26 PM  

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