Sunday, March 20, 2005

Finally got her to work!

She's working now. And she's working good. And because she's working, I've been riding her everyday! MY TRUCK FINALLY WORKS! I can now stop borrowing my dads car and riding the EZ Rider. I put in a new fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator, battery, and cables, and found out the problem the whole time was likely a loose cable that kept tricking everyone I took it too. The first place I brought it said the fuel pump (because the fuel pump wasn't kicking on because it was getting no juice because of the loose cable). I replaced the fuel pump ($40) and it didn't start up (little did I know that the fuel pump I bought was defective to begin with so I spent another $80 on having someone else put a new one in). So I replaced the fuel filter (because besides a dead battery, the #2 reason a car won't start is the fuel filter). Then, the battery wasn't holding a charge (maybe because of the loose cable, but we brought the battery back and they tested it and said it was a dud). So after a new battery, had another guy look at it and said the alternator. So I replaced the alternator ($125) and was still having problems. This time I started looking around everything myself and looking at what would be wrong. I was tired of all these second and third opinions that weren't matching. THE PROBLEM ALL ALONG WAS A LOOSE CABLE! The fuel pump may have been bad, but may not have been. Who knows. All I know is it works now and it better work for a long time.

I wish cars could talk.


Anonymous the eurasian said...


Symptom of a loose cable is the terminal is hot or warm.

12:28 AM  

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