Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bomb Scare at Wal-mart

Haven't heard much about it, but there was a bomb-scare at Wal-mart tonight. They evacuated Wal-mart and the Cluster's Apartments behind Wal-mart. The only thing online right now that I can find is on the MyWestTexas forum at

UPDATE: May 31, 2005; 2:05 AM.

I found two articles online about it, one from CBS-7 and one from BIG2.

"There`s no word yet on what was inside" (Big 2)

So who knows. I'm just glad if it does turn out to be a bomb that everyone is safe and that it was handled well by our local police department, fire department, bomb squad, and anyone else who responded to this incident.

I would laugh my butt off though if they determined that inside the box was store merchandise that just came off the truck.

UPDATE: May 31, 2005; 3:33 PM.

I found an article in the MRT about it.

"The package then was taken to the police firing range and examined further and eventually determined to contain a masonry brick."

So someone put a brick in a box and put it on a shelf in the store. Supposedly they have video survelence of who placed the package on the shelf. That person probably thought it would be a funny joke but they pushed it too far here. We'll see what the justice system has in store for them


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