Friday, May 27, 2005

Remember me?

Hey everyone. Remember me? I'm Bert. Ya, once again I am back. I finally have free time with classes finally over (Thank God because my brain is in need of a long break). But my brain won't lie dormant, since I am taking a summer course online. That won't be too hard for me.

I have LOVED this recent rain. Our guage was at 7/8 an inch when I got home, but it is starting to rain a little right now. So overnight it will go up. We need all the rain that we can get. And I love the break from the heat. Three days ago it was 103 at the airport (105 at my house) and today the high was 73. A 40 degree drop well needed. Doesn't look like we'll hit 100 again for a while.

I'm taking a look at my hit-o-meter stats. I had some wierd search terms pop up, such as "silver certificate back yard Tennessee", and "Independence Hall 4:10 printers". I wonder how they found my page. But welcome visitors! Come back and visit sometime!


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