Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Finally some time to enjoy

Wow. I have nothing on my agenda today. I'm caught up on everything. I just get to sit back and relax. I haven't had a day off in God knows how long. But I need a vacation. Even though today feels like a vacation, I need a real vacation. Me and my friend are planning a hiking trip this summer in Santa Fe National Forest. I've been up there twice and I love it up there. For my vacation I just want to get as far away as possible from everything. No TV, cell phone (they don't get service up there), no nothing. I just want to be surrounded by God's untouched creation. I plan for this trip to be spiritually uplifting as well. But more on the vacation as it gets closer to happening. We don't have a set time planned out yet.

Well I'm off to start the grill. IT'S BBQ TIME BABY! Feel free to stop by if you want complimetary burgers and steaks grilled by BBQing Bert!!! But for now, I'm out. I'll see y'all later


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