Monday, August 29, 2005

Crazy gas prices!

The last time I saw it this bad was September 11th, when people were lined up at the pumps for worries that gas prices were going to jump to $5 a gallon. But today, there were some extremely long lines today at Murphy's USA (gas station in the Wal-mart parking lot) and the Town and Country across the street. Gas prices were $2.52 at both locals, while prices everywhere else are $2.67 and higher. It seemed like everyone and their dog went to Murphy's today. By the length of the lines, I estimated a wait time of about an hour (each car averaging 5 minutes), just to get some gas. I decided not to wait (because I had class in 15 minutes) and went and filled up at 7-11 on Garfield. I here predictions of over $3 by labor day. Better fill them up while you can, and maybe even fill up a large 100 gallon tank to store gas in, because gas may not be $2.52 again for a loooong time.

Update (8/30/05 1:23 AM): has an article about the scene at HEB, where gas was $2.47 a gallon. It even has a picture of how long the lines were. Says the whole mess is due to Hurricane Katrina. I'll keep everyone posted tomorrow about gas prices around town.

Update (8/30/05 1:30 AM): Midland gas prices in the last 8 hours


Anonymous Geo said...

HEB had regular unleaded at $2.829 this morning (9/4/05), and each functioning pump was in use with at least one car waiting.

3:46 PM  

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