Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My new toy...

Y'all know me. I can't get a new toy without getting on here and bragging about it (as seen here and here). But hey, I get great deals on great products. It's one of the perks from working at an electronics retailer.

This time I got me a PDA, or a Personal Digital Assistant. I've been meaning to get me one for a while but kept putting it off because more important purchases were deemed necessary. But once I saw this deal, I could NOT pass it up (I guess I'm a sucker for good deals). It's the Sony Clie PEGTH55. Some of the important features I was looking for was the built in wireless internet capabilities, an integrated mp3 player, and of course the camera. And I also wanted to go with Sony because everything I have is Sony, and they all use the same Pro or Pro-duo memory cards, which I already have.

If you want one of these bad boys you can pay around $650. But as for me, I didn't pay more than $130. Gotta love it.


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