Monday, September 05, 2005

Gas prices remain relatively constant...

I am so glad gas prices did not top $3 this labor day. Everywhere I saw stayed at $2.999, and some even went a little cheaper (Murphy's USA did go down to $2.82 for a day but is now at $2.89). The prices do need to go down though, A LOT. I would be satisfied with $2 a gallon (remember when we all griped about that?). But if you want the cheapest gas locally, HEB is $2.82. Everyone else appears to be at $2.99. I really do wonder how locations that have only one gas station in town seem to have the cheapest gas. 7-11's have numerous gas stations, and buy more gas than HEB and Murphy's USA does. Why can't they sell it cheaper?

If you want the cheapest gas in Texas, go to Murphy's in Longview. $2.64 a gallon. But stay away from Clint's in Olney, where the most expensive gas in Texas is found - $3.29.

Prices courtesy of Texas Gas Prices and are as of Sept 5, 11 PM


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