Sunday, September 18, 2005

Katrina Response

Today at work we had a bake sale and were selling Sunday newspapers for $1 raising money for Hurricane Katrina. Our company is matching all the donations. So far our store has pulled in around $650 dollars, which doubled is $1300. I'm trying to find out what the other stores have pulled in, because we love competing with all the other stores in the district. And the competition in this case is good, because all the money is going to the Red Cross to help them in their relief efforts.

I haven't posted anything on this blog about Katrina yet, and it's because I didn't really listen to all the updates of Katrina. I knew the levees broke and 80% of the city was under up to 20 ft. of water and that just threw my mind. Everywhere I went I would think about what 20 feet of water would cover. Think and all the bridges on the Loop (if you live in Midland), completely submerged. Think of Wal-mart underwater. I'm sure you've thought of you're house covered at the rooftop.

But for the first week and a half all I was doing was looking at pictures. Looking at satellite images of close-ups on parts of the town, and it just shocked me. It's crazy. And we here think it's bad here when Wadley floods.

I wonder how many people will actually go back to New Orleans, and how many are going to stay in the city they were relocated to. In one of the MRT articles they talked to a family staying in Big Spring that said they weren't going back. I wonder how many of these families carry that same attitude.


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