Monday, February 28, 2005


I finally saw the movie Saw. Oh I liked that movie a lot. It wasn't as scary as I heard it was from quite a few people, so I was a little dissapointed. Any really good scary movies playing now or in the near future? I wanna be scared. Anyway the thing I liked about Saw was that it was suspensful and more like a puzzle. I did not see the end coming at all. It wasn't predictable (I hate movies that you already know the ending.) I do recommend seeing it, if you don't get squeamish to the sight of blood. I don't get squemish around it on the screen, although if I came across it in real life I probably would. But the only time I see it ever is on ER, and Trauma: Life in the ER.

Bush got high, now I've got to write!

I've been meaning to get to this for about the past week, but I have been so busy with a creative writing contest at MC that I have been light blogging lately. But it's done and I'm back!

Several secert tapes were released the other day which have Dubya confessioning to smoking pot. The 12 tapes were recorded by Doug Wead (no pun intended), a former aide to Bush's father, while he thought he was just having a conversation with a buddy.

''I wouldn't answer the marijuana questions,'' he said, according to the Times. ''You know why? Because I don't want some little kid doing what I tried.''

I couldn't find anything that admitted how much marijuana he had "tried", whether he was once a regular smoker or if he just tried it once. But one thing I liked was that this confession is way better than Clinton's "I did not inhale."

The only thing this proves to me is that marijuana users are very different and more and more people have smoked pot before. Estimates claim that nearly 80 million Americans have smoked marijuana before. That's around 27.1% of the population (the population right now is 295,568,434) or around 1 out of every 4 of everyone. That's one out of every 4 of you're co workers. That's one out of every 4 you see working at the burger joint (OK, maybe it's a little bit more over there). But marijuana users vary greatly. Heck it could even be you're local gas station owner. It no longer belongs to just the hippies and rock stars!

Why not legalize the stuff for responsible users and make it work to our advantage. We'll no longer have to pay to house marijuana offenders in prision. We could charge a tax on it and make a LOT of money! Fund the schools. We could put thousands of farmers back to work, and improve our economy so much. Just think about how much our GDP would increase in the first couple years if it was legalized (all those black market sales do not count on GDP, but if it was sold by a store it would count). And if we put it in the hands of corporations, then the gov't can control sale and make sure kids don't get ahold of it. Sell it to adults over 21. Make it like alcohol. Control the sale and tax it. Tax it alot. It could be sold a lot cheaper by a corporation who mass produces it than by a drug dealer who risks his freedom to sell it, so there will be no more black market aspect to marijuana. Let's focus on the harder drugs. Teach our kids to stay off that.

I've got an idea!

This is great! I have a great idea for an invention! However, unlike one poor local "inventor", I'm not tellin anyway. Don't worry. One of these days I'll get a patent for it (they actually are quite affordable, not as expensive as he makes it sound). I do guarantee you this, though. Anyone can benefit from this! It's useful for everyone! And it will likely be a good convenience to you and most of the people you know.

But I can't tell ya yet! Shhhhh!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Traffic Report for Midland

They just released the 2004 traffic report for Midland. It shows that the most dangerous intersection now is the Mall exit (Midkiff @ Courtyard). I calculated it (said there are 1.5 accidents for every one million vehicles that enter that intersection) meaning you have a 1:666,667 chance of getting in an accident at that intersection. So you probably don't have to avoid that intersection on you're next time to work.

It gave even more shocking news (well it wasn't shocking because we already knew)
*increase 4 to 15 in fatalities
*increase alcohol/drug accidents 125 to 139

Total accidents did go down though from 15 to 2950 for the year (about 8 a day).

It seems that the good drivers are getting better and the bad drivers are getting worse!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Interesting money facts...

Did you know...

You most likely have cocaine in you're house right now. A recent study showed that nearly 93% of all bills contain an average of 16 micrograms (16 one-millionths of a gram) and that every $20 bill it tested tested positive for the drug.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces 37 million notes a day with a face value of approximately $696 million.

If you had 10 billion $1 notes and spent one every second of every day, it would require 317 years for you to go broke.

Between the Fort Worth, Texas and the Washington, DC Facilities approximately 18 tons of ink per day are used.

Have you ever wondered how many times you could fold a piece of currency before it would tear? About 4,000 double folds (first forward and then backwards) are required before a note will tear.

The hands of the clock in the steeple of Independence Hall on the reverse of the $100 Federal Reserve Note are set at approximately 4:10.

Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on a U.S. currency note. It appeared on the face of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1886 and 1891, and the back of the $1 Silver Certificate of 1896.

During Fiscal Year 2003, it cost approximately 6 cents per note to produce 8.2 billion U.S. paper currency notes.

Contrary to popular belief, the automobile pictured on the back of the $10 note is not a Model "T" Ford. It is merely a creation of the designer of the bill.

You can track you're bill with it's serial number on the website They track more than 58 million bills valued at near 1/3 of a billion dollars. Go online to see where's your bill has been.

Information gathered from:

Movin' on up

I've just been asked to be the moderator for the Left Wing group at MyWestTexas' forum. I accepted, and it's a done deal. This is my first position of responsibility (other than owning a blog) and I feel good about it. Besides, if it wasn't important, then it wouldn't be around or it would be terminated, wouldn't it?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Very slow at work today. And I'm surprised. I thought a lot of people had their income tax money back. Wonder what's hoggin' up everyone's tuesday afternoon. Anything going on in Midland? Anything fun going on right now? I'm planning my escape for this weekend. Me and my friend Jade are planning a trip to San Antonio to visit the grave and family of her friend Lance Cpl. Franklin Sweger who died in Iraq Dec. 16, '04. Then it's up to Austin to visit an old friend of mine who is now at UT. So I'm hoping to get away from Midland this weekend and do something different. Please, everyone, improve Midland while I'm gone!!!! :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2005

You WIN!

I've always been curious about this. We all know when you buy a coke you can win something by looking under the cap. It seems that lately most companies have started giving you an online code to take to their website and type it in to see if you win. Well here's what I'm curious about. Is this catching on with people? I know it hasn't with me. I HATE THIS METHOD! I don't feel like registering all my information with coca-cola just to find out that I didn't win. I would much rather purchase an instant win product where under the cap it tells you "you win" or "try again", because I don't feel like messing with "f824nw09efh294795." Maybe I'm lazy. Maybe I'm impatient.

Here's my question for you (yes, YOU!!). How many times have you gone online with a code? Have you ever won anything? Did you have to register before you could type the code in? And what do you think about the method? Do you think instant win caps should be brought back?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

World's Dumbest Victim

This article is from the MRT today. I guess Midland is home to the world's dumbest victim.

The man in the cap then asked to be taken to the McDonald's on Andrews Highway where he claimed to work. Police say he was not employed there. Once at the McDonald's, the man with the accent gave the victim $50,000 and asked the victim to drive around the parking lot to show the victim he trusted him with his money. The victim complied.

So the criminal gives the victim $50,000 and tells him to drive around the parking lot to see if the criminal can trust the victim. If this happened to me, this is where I would leave and purchase a new vehicle, so the criminal would not be able to find me!

The man with the accent then took back his $50,000 dollars from the victim and asked the victim to give him the victim's withdrawn $10,000 to prove his trust.
The victim complied.
Both males then exited the victim's truck with the victim's $10,000 and walked around the opposite side of the parking lot where the two allegedly entered a second vehicle, believed by police to be a silver truck, and drove away with the victim's cash.

Then the criminal asks for the victims $10,000 to prove his trust. The victim hands the criminal $10,000. He runs with the money.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you give a stranger money, you sholdn't even expect it back. It shouldn't even be considered stealing. I bet the police investigating this were laughing on the inside.

I wonder how many people he had to try this one before he found the right victim. I know the first person I picked out wouldn't trust me with their $10,000. I mean come on, would you??

Monday, February 14, 2005

15 min. of fame

Well, more like a week of fame, until the next Person-to-Person article. But this week's star is Eric Siegmund, owner and author of The Fire Ant Gazette. Stop on by an congratulate him!


Darn! Didn't get picked for jury duty. I still have to call tonight, but I doubt I'll have to go tomorrow. Time to resume my normal life again. Now where's my money???

Presidential Library in Midland

John Boswell is a fellow blogger here at blogspot with a vision. Through his blog (Blogging for Midland) and many posts at MyWestTexas' forum, he is trying to inspire Midlanders to push to get the presidential library here in Midland. I replied to a post on his website and he sent me an e-mail back today:

Hiya Bert!

Yes, the President will get to pick the location... as I understand it. I'm not sure what would be most effective: a letter with tons of signatures or tons of letters from individuals.
One suggestion I plan to make, both on the forum and on my blog (you were my inspiration for the blog by the way... liked yours!) is to push for Presidential Library / Museum with a Convention/Symphony Hall dedicated to the First Lady! huh? huh? Good idea?

So many people in Midland have been wanting a big, huge convention hall downtown, right? Something where the symphony could play, but also have room for bigger conventions an artsy presentations... well, I think this could be the answer! We can make it HUGE! Take over some delapidate buildings and really put something down there that would attract attention. Something that businesses would want to have an office nearby, resturants, gallerys, shops, vendors, trees, fountains.. the works!

I'm going to draw up a letter of my own with more details and ideas and send it each: the Pres. and First Lady. Copies of the letter will also be sent to each member of the city council, the Mayor, Downtown Midland Inc.& Chamber of Commerce. Maybe the editor of the paper too?

Let me know what you think of the idea, and of ideas on promoting it. Let's get a "Grassroots" Buzz going on this. I think it could be huge!

Thanks for the support!
John B.

First off, I feel honored that I helped inspire his blog. I've been regularly blogging for less than two weeks now and I'm already inspiring better bloggers (I say better because his blog actually has a reason and can help pull something big off). Secondly, his ideas may be just what it takes to win "housing rights." He is sure to post more on this later to keep us up to date, including what we can do to help. Maybe a petition (one letter with many signatures) is needed, or maybe many many letters all conveying the same message. Either way, we need to try our hardest. This one single thing WILL BE the one thing that puts Midland on the map, brings more visitors here, and preserves the Bush legacy in Midland.

Keep us up-to-date John, and keep on bloggin'!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Another bond?!?!?!?!?!?!

Another bond is being placed in the hands of Midland voters on May 7. This time, Midland College is asking for $41.8 million to expanded the crowded facilities to accomodate the growing enrollment numbers. It will be discussed on Tuesday (Feb. 15) at 4:00 at the Gibson Board Room at the Pevehouse Administration Building, located on the Midland College campus. This is probably the best bond we've had recently, with the exception of MISD schools renovations. The campus was built in the 1970's to educate 3,000 students, and it is double-that-and-some currently, at 6,200. Midland College offers a great service to the city of Midland, and we do them one back by giving them $41.8 million to increase their capacity to near 10,000 and better educate our population.

The five most expensive projects are:

Academic Classroom Building
ESTIMATED COST: $10,770,020
71,195 square foot building with 36 classrooms, three lecture halls, 17 faculty offices

Physical Plant and Ground
ESTIMATED COST: $5,400,400
This project would replace obsolete physical plant equipment and reduce city-water usage.

Fourth Residence Hall
ESTIMATED COST: $4,862,080
A new 28,000 square foot dormitory will provide 94 beds and parking to complete the housing master plan.

Aviation Training Center
ESTIMATED COST: $3,304,976
The college will combine the professional pilot training and aviation maintenance programs into a 38,950 square foot building with hangar space, classroom and office space, a paint booth and parking and lighting.

Health and Physical Education Center
ESTIMATED COST: $3,233,944
39,215 square foot expansion will add a gymnasium, four racquetball courts, a fitness center, an exercise room and two locker rooms.

For a complete list click here.


Saturday, February 12, 2005


I just made quite possibly the smartest or stupidest move ever. I signed up for 3 internet survey websites that promise to pay you to take their surveys. However, out of skepticism, I gave them a newly created e-mail account, and I gave them my P.O. Box address (no junk mail at the home). No loss if I don't make money, only time lost (I've got plenty anyways). And if I do make money which they promise, then BRING IT ON!

These are the sites I joined. I will bring updates in the future as to successes or dissapointments, but feel free to try them out if you want to!

NPD Online Research Team
Survey Club
My Survey

If I ever have a problem with anyone of these, I'll just forget about my newly registered e-mail address and simply move on with life. I didn't have to give out any credit card numbers or anything, so I feel pretty safe testing out these sites.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Smoking ban solution in Midland

The recent proposal by city council to enact a 100% smoking ban in Midland is creating quite a debate between smokers and non-smokers. The smokers are mainly using the "freedom" arguement, and the non-smokers are using the "harm" aspect. However, I have a proposal that would allow the smokers to smoke, and the non-smokers to enjoy the fresh air that they love to breath. Divide a restaurant into 3 sections. Smoking, "I don't care", and non-smoking. The "I don't care" section would consist of non-smokers who don't mind the second hand smoke, in hopes of getting seated faster. There are quite a few people who when asked "smoking or non-smoking" say it doesn't matter. The "I don't care" section would also act as a barrier between the smokers and the non-smokers.

Also, ventilation should be added to the restaurant. The air conditioner and heater vents that blow air into the restaurant should be located in the non-smoking setions, and the ventilation blowing the restaurant air outside should be in the smoking sections. That way, with the air movement, clean air is filtering into the smoking section, instead of the smoke filtering into the non-smoking section.

Another possibilty should be the use of those Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air filters that you see on TV infomercials at 3 in the morning. Putting 2 or three of these in a restaurant would clear out the smoke and bring a clean smell to the air. Although expensive, they would be worth the investment, as smokers and non-smokers alike would enjoy their dining experience and not find somewhere else to eat that fits their needs.

Buisnesses in Midland should be exempt from the smoking ban if they take one of these measures. Freedom is important, but we are not free to harm other people with our habits. Are we allowed to go out and kill people just because we're free? NO! Freedom does not mean do what you want. But if restaurants undergo a few simple changes, then smokers and non-smokers can dine in harmony. The 3 section idea would not take any changes what-so-ever. Just less seating in each section, and designating another middle area as "I don't care." The ventilation idea may take some minor construction/renovation work. The Sharper Image air purifier idea would just take a minor investment (less than $1,000 for 3), however that's couch change for most restaurants.


Jury Duty Summons

Hurray! Jury duty on Valentine's Day! Oh well. I'll get a little "vacation" from school and work that day. This is my first time being summoned for jury duty, so I don't know how the whole process goes. However, I doubt that I'll be picked, simply because of my age, political views, and inexperience. They'll probably pick more conservative older people. That is just my speculation though.

Although it would be fun to sit in on a high profile case!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Midland in 2025

Ever wonder what Midland would be like in 2025? It would have an estimated population of 115,000. It would have an entertainment district downtown, a "town center" (another entertainment district) west of the Sport's complex, a Presidential district, a heritage district, and many, many more roads with more land in the city limits. The loop would be a complete circle and there will be another road you could take to get to Odessa. All this is if the Midland Master Plan 2025 comes true. Caution: BIG BIG BIG PDF file. The report is 321 pages long. For a summary of the thing, for those of us who have a life, read pages 308-321.

I had taken a look at the 1987 plan on file at the library, and many of the goals are still the same. The town center was mentioned in 1987 (still hasn't happened yet, probably not for a long time), the entertainment district was mentioned, and the "future map" of Midland looks almost the same as predicted in 1987, except for the recent edition of La Entrada Al Pacifico. Over the next 5-10 years, expect great things for Midland. And then when the oil runs out, expect the biggest ghost town in the world (with a skyline and and airport and highways).

A forum at MyWestTexas is discussing the plan. Feel free to throw in you're two cents.

Do not pass Go, do not collect $200

Ever wondered what it looks like to be inside a jail, but don't want to commit a crime in order to see that view? Well, the Anderson County Dentention Facility in Clinton, Tennessee, has a webcam up on their website with a live feed of the booking room. Keep in mind this is a jail with prisioners, and anything can happen. While I was watching it, one guy kept giving "the finger." Enter at you're own risk.

Special thanks to Sleepless in Midland where I discovered the link.

Monday, February 07, 2005


What kind of a blogger would I be if I didn't include a picture of my puppy on my blog? That would be just horrible! So here it is!

This is Caeser. He's a part pit-bull part German Shorthaired Pointer mix, and he is the coolest dog in the world (not to mention the cutest according to the ladies!). He is currently 5 months old (as of today, 2-7-05), but in the picture he was only 3 months old. He weighs in at a whopping 40 pounds already and he is bound to get bigger and bigger. He's my Halloween dog, because that's the night I got him.

Donate to the dog park for Caeser's sake!

More rain on the way...

Looks like more rain is one the way! Thursday has a 40% chance, Friday 50%, and Saturday 20%. Seems like we're getting a good start to this year (like we have the past few years).

We desperately need to rain. Not many people down here complain about to much rain. In fact, many people like to get outside after to rain and watch the "rivers". When Wadley floods it seems that many people just gather along side the street and gaze at the "Mighty MissiWadley". Last time I was driving down Wadley flooded, I felt like I was in a parade. And boy is it fun splashing the kids who line up near the curb to get splashed!

Let's all pray to get out of this drought.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

You really can sue for anything... and win.

This'll teach them to stop being so nice. Taylor Ostergaard, 17, and Lindsey Jo Zellitti, 18, learned that being nice doesn't pay off, it actually costs! They discovered this the hard way when THEIR NEIGHBOR SUED THE TWO BECAUSE THEY BAKED HER COOKIES!

Apparently the knocking on the door caused the old lady to have a heart attack, and she's suing the two teens for her medical bills. I wonder if the lady would have died in this case. Would the two teens be charged with murder?

Package of cookie dough: $3.99
Lawsuit of neighbors medical bills: $900
Learning not to be nice to an old b%&#@: priceless

If this ever happens to you, please clean up after yourself.

(not for sensitive readers who throw up when #2 is mentioned.)

I'm trying to word this as mature and non-disguisting as possible, but it's hard.

Saw the nastiest thing in the world today at work. One of our customers was using the restroom, but didn't make it to the stall in time to do, well, #2. So, he does it in his pants, takes off his briefs with #2 all over it and LEAVES IT ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR, with a trail of #2 leading from the door to the briefs, and takes off his undershirt to use as toilet paper, leaving his undershirt on the sink.

Fortunetly, I did not have to clean up this mess because I went to lunch when it was discovered. Sure did ruin my appetite though.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, please clean up after yourself.

Told you it was sick...

Friday, February 04, 2005

A good free hit-o-meter

I finally found a good hit-o-meter to use. They first one I used flat out sucked, all it told me was total hits. Nothing about unique visitors, nothing about search engine keywords, nothing. The second one I used told me only unique visits, nothing about repeat visitors, nothing about referal sites, nothing. But gives me everything. It gives me search engine data, with keywords, it gives me ISP numbers and browser data and in depth visitor data. Heck, it even gives me you're social security number - haha, J/K. It give's you a chance to upgrade for $3.50 a month, but it doesn't offer anything worth paying for. All you get is
? INVISIBLE Counter - remove Hit-O-Meter graphics from your website
? SECURE statistics - protect your statistics from being viewed by unauthorized users.
? PRIORITY support - get answers to your questions faster than other users (usually in 24 hours or less).

I don't need an invisible counter, I don't care if anyone else sees my statistics, and I don't have any questions. So I'll save my money for an extra pack of cigerettes every month. Then I'll go smoke them in Midland restaurants, while I can.

To see a live demo, click here.

How to comment on this blog

I had an e-mail that asked me how to comment without registering to this blog. If you click on "Post new comment", this screen pops up:

I know it's hidden and smaller than everything, but it does have a link to "Post Anonymously." I missed it my first time being on this blog. They probably make it small just to get more people to register. Anyway, you're name will not show up unless you type it in with the comment. So, post away!

Midland's dog park, coming soon...

Big 2 mentioned the dog park today. I cannot wait for this dog park to be completed. I know a lot of people have complained about "we're over taxed" and "we don't need to spend anymore money on anything," but this is funded by private contributions and fundraising. Up to $70,000 is needed for this park, and all donations are tax-deductable. Everyone should get a flier in their water bill with more information on the dog park, and it should have an address to send donations to. If you cannot wait and must give a donation this second (which should be all of you, all 2 of you that is), according to Sleepless in Midland, "The Permian Basin Area Foundation is in charge of collecting the donations." Give them a call at 682-4704.

I, for one, will use the dog park on a near-daily basis. I live in an apartment with my part Pit Bull part German Shorthaird Pointer (I think that's what his father was), and current have no access to a place for him to run around. So he runs figure-eights in the living room and under the dining room table. This is a great thing for many Midlanders who are in the same predicament, or those who just like to get their dog's out of the backyard and let them run around.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Drug Bust on I-20

There was a large drug bust on Wednesday on I-20 between Midland and Odessa where 100 pounds of the green stuff and 1 kilo of the white stuff was confiscated in a gas tank. MyWestTexas has an article about it, but it seems like the whole story is not being told. First off, it says that the officer asked for permission to search the car. But it does not say the driver said yes. He may have said no. This is between him and the cop and if there was any case of wrong doing he better have a good lawyer. Also, Papa Ray believe that the cops were tipped off to this car by a disgruntled acquaintance or someone of the like. At first I argued this point and posted a reply at the Open Forum, but upon reading it for the second time, it may be what happened. The Drug Task Force does not pull people over for following to closely. In fact, are they even allowed to pull over someone for traffic violations anyway? Do they have any jurisdiction? Anyway I'm hoping someone with a little more information on this story or a little more knowledge of what the drug task force can and can't do can give me some information.

I am glad these drugs are off the streets but I do think that we need to revisit our drug laws. If marijuana was legalized FOR ADULTS there would be nothing but benefits. Crime would drop as the black market aspect would be erradicated. We would save BILLIONS of dollars. Enforcing marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually and results in the arrest of more than 734,000 individuals per year. Not only is that extra money to spend for, oh, say SCHOOLS, but those 734,000 people are protected from losing their jobs. "But Bert, people who smoke marijuana are lazy and do horrible at their jobs." Well, let that be up the the boss to decide, because there are actually hard workers who smoke marijuana. If they get lazy, then fire them. We could also put thousands of farmers back to work. We could also tax the live crap out of it and make so much money for our government to *waste*. There is no reason not to legalize a plant that is less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. It is a God given plant that grows from a seed like every other plants. It's not manufactured by mixing 30 toxic chemicals together. It has no man-made processes to go through. A seed is planted and through God's cycle of plant growth it grows. We need to change our views of marijuana. Our government and police officials brainwash us by saying that it's harmful and causes crime. The only crime is through the black-market aspect of it (eliminated if legalized). The actual intake of the plant causes people to be relaxed and lazy, not wanting to go out and cause crime.

This is getting longer than I wanted it to be. But my message is this: It's time to respect people's freedom's more. By responsibly smoking marijuana one is not doing any harm to anyone or anything but his body, similar to cigerettes. Why is alcohol legal when so much crime arises from it, and most people who get high "chill" in one place. People who drink go out from place to place and put innocent people at risk.

Support HB 658, legalizing medical marijuana in Texas. Or click here for a non-Adobe Acrobat version

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dear City Council...

I did some community service today at the Animal Control shelter for my Abell Hangar hours. I noticed a few violations and bad things going on around there that I would like to eventually bring to City Council's attention:
1) Cheap rubber hoses used to hose down dog kennels: Today was the second time that the water pressure in the hose caused the water hose to explode and shower me with hot water. Luckily I was not burned but those cheap hoses are a lawsuit waiting to happen.
2) The use of NABC (a toilet sanitizer) to clean dog bowls: The chemical I was given to wash the dog bowls was NABC, which is a bathroom sanitizer that specifically states on the back (in my own words) "DO NOT USE product to sanitize any utensil or dish that contains anything to be consumed by humans"
3) The burning of plastic bags in the incinerator: Isn't it bad and harmful to our air to burn plastic? They have several dead dogs tied up in garbage bags and they throw the whole thing in the incinerator. I feel sorry for the people who live downwind.

I'm gonna get PETA involved! They need to get involved with something serious instead of protesting the A&M Elephant Walk that doesn't even involve real elephants!

I'm back!

Sorry guys (if anyone's even out there reading). I promised to update often, and I failed. We had a problem with our cable modem and could not connect to the internet. but the problem's fixed, and I'm back. Don't know if that's good or bad, but hey! At least you got me! Anyway a couple updates... yada yada yada, we had snow, yada yada yada, friend's getting married next week, yada yada yada, can't wait for my W2 to get my truck fixed, yada yada yada, life is the same as before, nothing's changed. Anyway I promise to write more often so if you actually came back in hopes of an update and were dissapointed in me, be dissapointed no more!