Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hope I ain't in trouble

And yes, I live in West Texas, I will use the word ain't if I want to. I ain't gonna quit y'all! haha anyway...

I have a couple visits from the US Department of Defense. And some wierd search engine keywords including: "does it in his pants" (no clue why that brought them here) and "method in tricking gas pump". I hope the government doesn't think I'm tricking gas pumps.

BTW, with these gas pumps, I am also curious. HOW DO YOU TRICK A GAS PUMP?

Wait, better not answer. The government is watching my page.

Two tires, too tired.

Had a tire slashed last week, and I ran over a nail yesterday. I've bought two new tires this week. I can't afford anymore new tires. But thank God for warranty plans. They only cost me $20 a piece.

And oh I'm exhausted. Work work work and more work.

Here's the only thing I learned doing all that work
Procrastination + School work + home work + work work first job + work work second job + other obligations to friends and family =3 weeks worth of stress
In fact, I started smoking cigerettes again. Now I need to WORK (there's that word again) on dropping the habit.


But, I am FINALLY caught up and ahead of schedule, so now I'm going to try to rest. Another busy day tomorrow. I work 7am to 9:30am, church from 10am to 11:30ish, have to be in Odessa by 1am, and back at work by 3pm (yup, I work a split at one at my first job). Then I go to my second job at 8pm.

OH yeah, I'll start blogging again. I know I haven't posted in about a month. I might not tomorrow, because after I get off from my second job, I have to pay a visit to my good good friend who's finally back in town. Too many obligations tomorrow. (and it's supposed to be a day of rest).

I'm rambling. I'm tired. GOODNIGHT! See y'all later.