Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Midland Public Library Updates

Finally the public is filled in as to what is going on with the downtown library, which has been closed since mid-February. An article in the MRT today tells us that "Although renovations for the Midland County Library are on track, library officials said they could not provide an estimate for when the facility will re-open." Wait a minute. When did renovations come in the picture. Remember when the library CLOSED BECAUSE OF MOLD? I thought they were just removing mold, but apparently now: ""Mold hasn't been an issue," [County Facilities Manager Tim Harris] said. "Mold has never been what we were after." So no wonder it has been almost 4 months since they shut it down. I was figuring it would take about a week or 2 tops. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKEN LIBRARY ANYWAY.

HAHA we really do. Thank God for the branch. For those of you who have been utilizing the branch library, there may be a second branch soon for the your use. "Supporters of the Midland County library system would like to see a new branch library added to Midland's South Side. The land already has been purchased, but the Friends of the Midland County Library are still discussing the possibility with county officials." The article can be found here. A third library on the south would be a great asset for that side of the city. Does anyone know if there is a way to donate to the Friends of the Midland County Library? If you do please leave a reply. Otherwise I will call the library when I get a chance. But I definetly support a third library in Midland.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Finally some time to enjoy

Wow. I have nothing on my agenda today. I'm caught up on everything. I just get to sit back and relax. I haven't had a day off in God knows how long. But I need a vacation. Even though today feels like a vacation, I need a real vacation. Me and my friend are planning a hiking trip this summer in Santa Fe National Forest. I've been up there twice and I love it up there. For my vacation I just want to get as far away as possible from everything. No TV, cell phone (they don't get service up there), no nothing. I just want to be surrounded by God's untouched creation. I plan for this trip to be spiritually uplifting as well. But more on the vacation as it gets closer to happening. We don't have a set time planned out yet.

Well I'm off to start the grill. IT'S BBQ TIME BABY! Feel free to stop by if you want complimetary burgers and steaks grilled by BBQing Bert!!! But for now, I'm out. I'll see y'all later