Monday, August 29, 2005

Crazy gas prices!

The last time I saw it this bad was September 11th, when people were lined up at the pumps for worries that gas prices were going to jump to $5 a gallon. But today, there were some extremely long lines today at Murphy's USA (gas station in the Wal-mart parking lot) and the Town and Country across the street. Gas prices were $2.52 at both locals, while prices everywhere else are $2.67 and higher. It seemed like everyone and their dog went to Murphy's today. By the length of the lines, I estimated a wait time of about an hour (each car averaging 5 minutes), just to get some gas. I decided not to wait (because I had class in 15 minutes) and went and filled up at 7-11 on Garfield. I here predictions of over $3 by labor day. Better fill them up while you can, and maybe even fill up a large 100 gallon tank to store gas in, because gas may not be $2.52 again for a loooong time.

Update (8/30/05 1:23 AM): has an article about the scene at HEB, where gas was $2.47 a gallon. It even has a picture of how long the lines were. Says the whole mess is due to Hurricane Katrina. I'll keep everyone posted tomorrow about gas prices around town.

Update (8/30/05 1:30 AM): Midland gas prices in the last 8 hours

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mudvayne Concert

If you didn't go to this concert you missed a good time! Even though In Flames didn't show up (no biggie) that concert was awesome. By the time Mudvayne came out the crowd was wild! I spent most of the time pushing people away from me and two other friends, one who was female and another male friend who had a broken wrist. So I tried keeping the crazy folks away from these two the whole night. I had a great time though! It was well worth the $30.

The great thing about this concert was that everyone had a great time without alcohol. No alcohol was served at that concert. Everyone still had a great time. With today's MRT article about Midland leading the state in underage drinking, it's good that we have some local events that appeal to a lot of minors and can be alcohol free.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My new toy...

Y'all know me. I can't get a new toy without getting on here and bragging about it (as seen here and here). But hey, I get great deals on great products. It's one of the perks from working at an electronics retailer.

This time I got me a PDA, or a Personal Digital Assistant. I've been meaning to get me one for a while but kept putting it off because more important purchases were deemed necessary. But once I saw this deal, I could NOT pass it up (I guess I'm a sucker for good deals). It's the Sony Clie PEGTH55. Some of the important features I was looking for was the built in wireless internet capabilities, an integrated mp3 player, and of course the camera. And I also wanted to go with Sony because everything I have is Sony, and they all use the same Pro or Pro-duo memory cards, which I already have.

If you want one of these bad boys you can pay around $650. But as for me, I didn't pay more than $130. Gotta love it.

V A C A T I O N ! ! ! !

I just feel great! I started my week vacation yesterday. I decided to take a week off before I return to college this semester. I am so NOT ready for college. I have so much I still need to get done before Monday. Buy a car is on the top of my list. I have a pretty good down payment now saved up and I also have a trade in (with a thrown engine rod). I might just post a few ads online to try and sell it. I know I can in a section of And I'll probably post something on this site as soon as I get around to it. But if you know anyone interested in a 91 GMC Sonoma ext. cab e-mail me. It's a great truck, I just don't have the time and money to invest in a new engine. But I know there are people out there who would be better off making an investment like this. I'm just not the person to fix up cars. I'll have more information about it up tomorrow, and some pictures.

As for the fun part of vacation, tomorrow night it's all happening. Ector County Colliseum, Barn G, 6:00. MUDVAYNE CONCERT. I've had my tickets for a while now, and was hoping one of my friends could go with me, but she didn't have the money. I told her I would buy her a ticket, but she actually won tickets off the radio last night. It's gonna be a blast. Especially because the last concert I was able to go to was Breaking Benjamin back in October. My work schedule hasn't permitted my attending of that many concerts.

But I HAVE to go to this concert next. October 4. Albuquerque, NM. GREEN DAY!

I'm gonna try to have some fun the next few days. I deserve it. I hope you have fun too.