Friday, July 07, 2006

My newest pet

My friend bought a hairless rat the other day. I thought they were just the coolest things, so I went out to buy one. We both have one rat with hair (I've had mine for about a year) and one hairless rat a piece. Well, I asked him about the hairless rat sneezing all the time... and he said yes his hairless rat has been sneezing constantly, but the other rat hasn't. Same way with my hairless rat... Do hairless rats just have really sensative allergies? Is there anyone that knows if there is any medicine to give her?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have two young hairless girls myself. along with with two adult girls.yes, hairless have very delicate allergies. they have delicate lungs and therefore their home hould be cleaned twice as much as regular rats. also maybe a draft is making her sick. if she lives alone, 70 degrees is the minimum. if she has a friend, 60. just put some socks or fleece pieces in with her. i hope this helps!

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rats could also be sick. Frequent sneezing is often a sign of respiratory infection due to mycoplasma. You should really take the rats to the vet and see about putting them on antibiotics. You can also find out more information by searching the web. I recommend the RMCA website and also Debbie Ducommun's

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